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Quishauna A. McDougle

‘’It’s the fire in her eyes, and the flash of her teeth, the swing in her waist, and the joy in her feet. She’s  a woman phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that’s her.’’-- A poem written by Maya Angelou. If you ever met her, then you would understand why this is Quishauna’s favorite poem. The 22-year-old Entertainment mogul in the making exemplifies many things and being a phenomenal woman is one of them. Quishauna McDougle is a proud HBCU graduate of North Carolina Central University. She earned her B.A degree in Mass Communications.

She is a proud native of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Due to her support system, and valuing mentorship she cherishes the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” With that philosophy, McDougle has turned that into her purpose of always giving back to her community and helping others.

Early Life

Quishauna knew at a young age she wanted to be someone important on T.V or on the Radio, and it all started at the age of four dancing in front of the T.V. screen to Michael Jackson ‘’That girl is mine.’’ Micheal Jackson is a big idol of Quishauna and was a catalyst to what she wanted to do. Growing up, Quishauna didn’t have a ''regular'' childhood. She matured alot quicker, due to her surroundings, environement, and her awarness at a young age. With the help of her mother, growing up she was raised by her Godmom and adopted an old soul, which explains her wisdom. During her childhood days she remembers coming home from school to watch Disney channel only if ''Thats so Raven'' or ''The Proud Family'' was on. But her favorite network to  watch was BET and she would be tuned into 106 & park everyday at 6pm watching music videos, and tuning into all of the urban topics. Which is where her passon for entertaintment, music and being an MC comes from.

Her Inspirations

At the time 106 & park Host(s) Aj, Free ,Terrance J. & Rocsi all were her biggest influencers. They were all doing everything she had ever aspired to be In the entertainment Industry. 


She lives off the motto “To be notable and not famous”. She wants people to remember her for her UNAPOLOGETIC SELF, Its her boldness, confidence, authenticity and humanity that defines her. She has always wanted people to feel safe when speaking to her. “I do serve as an outlet to people, and ill forever be that outlet to anyone I come In contact with, I'll forever take pride in that.'' 


Growing up Micheal Jackson and Oprah Winfery both served as two of her most iconic idols. Her biggest influencers now includes Gabrielle Union, Taraji P. Henson, Karen Civil, Nipsey Hu$$le, J.Cole, Rapsody and her Hip-Hop professor and grammy award winner producer 9th Wonder. 

2020 V.I.S.I.O.N

Her plans after college is to continue to grow and expand her personal brand as ''Q.Mac'' a Multimedia journalist, Entertainment Enthusiast, Event Host, and an On Air Personality. Quishauna has worked with Entertainment companies such as BET and Revolt T.V. Quishauna has conducted interviews with celebrities such as Mona Scott Young, April Ryan, Tamika Mallory and Reggie Rockstone ( The Godfather of the Hip Life Ghanian culture). As she continue to break barriers into the entertainment industry she is creating her own unique pathway, which allows her to be more focused on her craft than ever before. She is utilizing all of her college resources and soaking up as much knowledge as she can, As her journey continues she is still becoming ''Quishauna Q.Mac McDougle.'' 



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